About Us.

We Love Wedding & Party Entertainment

UTC Entertainment grew from the overwhelming success of our in-house band Under the Covers Function Band. As popularity grew, we started receiving an increasing number of requests for entertainment styles Under the Covers simply weren’t able to fulfill, as well as recommendations for niche acts such as circus performers or magicians.With our contacts, knowledge of the industry and musical expertise we began scouting around the UK for the finest and most varied acts we could find. Our primary objective was to build a roster which not only fulfilled the needs of our clients but create a bespoke selection of acts that we could guarantee were the best of the best. The most important aspect underlying each connection was that we maintain the high standards we at UTC Events set for ourselves and have displayed over the last decade.If something is UTC approved, it has been vetted and screened to make sure it is of the highest quality.


How many acts do UTC Entertainment represent?

We tend to maintain around 30-40 acts which we constantly review, adding and removing where necessary. This guarantees a consistent level of quality and offers you a good selection, without overwhelming numbers.

What is included?

Each act will come with everything they need to make a performance happen. Each event, whether it be a lavish wedding or corporate party will be meticulously planned with you and our team of experts, to make sure all bases are covered. Our sister company UTC Tech are usually on hand to supply anything which is needed and oversee all events.

How much does each act cost?

This is dependent on distance,size and style of act. We quote on a case by case basis, so once your UTC representative has all the information they require, they will contact the act directly to discuss availability and price.

How far do they travel?

All our acts are willing to travel, taking shows all over the UK and abroad.

How long does each act play for?

Some are short, sharp bursts of energy and play for 20-minutes, others can play for as long as two hours. Ask your UTC representative for information on the running times of each separate act.

Does every act supply a playlist service?

Most bands will supply a playlist service to give you music before and following live sets, as well as in between. Non-musical acts won’t usually have the means to supply this service, unless they are using amplification.

Can we see a repertoire and choose songs not included?

Yes, ask your UTC Representative and they will be able to send it over. Other than Under the Covers, bands don’t often take requests not included on their song list. Repertoires are honed after many years of practice, trial and error – they know what gets people going, however it’s always worth asking, though it may come at an additional cost.

Performance guarantees

With an entire roster behind UTC Entertainment, we will always guarantee a performance. If one act is not available, we will work tirelessly to make sure you are given an alternative – no one will be any the wiser! Each event is overseen meticulously by UTC Entertainment, so if any problems arise, we will be there to rectify them.